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Health. Happiness. Family. Friends. Business.

My passion is living a happy and honest life, and helping as many people as I can along the way.

In everything I do, the thought of other peoples happiness and success is what motivates me to try harder in life and business.

“Always strive to become a better version of yourself. The journey should never end”

My Business Interests

Creative Marketing Products fusing Print & Technology together to help clients communicate in style 
Collecting, Buying &
Selling watches | new and pre-owned
Handi SOS
Helping society through the development of safeguarding product Handi SOS
iBeacon tech gizmo that that allows you to beam content to nearby smart devices

“Day One or One Day? It’s up to you!

Start today or procrastinate a little longer?”

Things I Love

If you’re bored and have a spare 10 mins, grab a cuppa…


My name is Marcelo Bustamante. Born in August 1976, I had a loving family, comprised of my Chilean born father, my devoted, caring English mother and two older sisters.

Both of my parents imbued me with the strong family values I have had ever since, yet also inspired a sense of adventure and possibility.

My mother sadly passed away unexpectedly when I was in my early twenties, leaving none of us with the opportunity to say goodbye or let her know what she meant to us. I have proudly retained her loving and generous nature in my heart, which, tempered by my father’s manliness, provided what I view as a well-rounded upbringing.

As a child I was physically small in stature with a slender framework and I considered myself to be a nice guy but rather unremarkable. I wasn’t particularly great at anything. I wasn’t academic, or funny, or good at sports. I didn’t have great looks to fall back on. I was very much an average Joe.

In my early teens, I tried my best in class (though was easily distracted) and worked hard at sport, earning A-team places on the football, basketball, athletics, cross-country running and rugby teams. I even managed to win my place as captain of the rugby team despite being the smallest guy on the pitch. Whilst I consider myself to be mostly rather forgettable during these years, during this time, I discovered how important it is to be a participant in life, no matter the obstacles.

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In my mid-teens, I dedicated myself to personal fitness and self-improvement. I lifted weights, taking inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger. I admired not just his physique and his accomplishments, but his ability to turn his mind to whatever goal he set for himself and relentlessly achieving them. Visualising one’s future is a talent which many of us can benefit from, and this was my introduction to this attitude

I studied A Level PE (Physical Education) and Sports and Leisure – both of which I enjoyed very much.

Within a few years, my hard work and goal-setting had begun to pay off. I had more confidence, growing fitness, and was now setting my own goals and planning my own path. I had a clearer notion of who and where I wanted to be. I began training at Watford’s most notorious weight-lifting gym, which more closely resembled a dungeon than a modern gym space. My pal and I trained there for many years, and looking back both agree we wouldn’t change a thing – the puddles, the grime, no heating, toilets, showers, and certainly not the hardcore atmosphere of danger.

In my late teens and early twenties, I continued to work hard at all my goals. I aimed to be the best I could be, and stuck to my commitments with resolve. I felt like I was learning the blueprint of how to live – and even got a tattoo of a barcode printed on my shoulder, a daily reminder of my promises to myself and the way I planned to manufacture my own reality like a machine.

Work came swiftly during this period. I upscaled from gardener to courier, customer service to sales person, and then on to sales manager. I read countless books targeted at self-development and business. I saw inspiration all around me; the business world, the sporting world, politics, economics, actors.

Yet even with all of this at my fingertips, I felt something was missing. I was looking for substance, and became determined to find it. A shoulder injury changed my path from the dumbbell to the business world. I had a crack at DJ-ing, tapping into my love of music and started a small record label. I developed a community around me of like-minded individuals.

Starting Muay Thai, I mastered the science of the eight limbs; a lethal martial art form. It swiftly became my new passion, and I ultimately became a top contender in the UK and evening winning English titles. Turning down a sponsorship opportunity travel to Thailand, I realised I had found my missing piece – and now felt fully confident in my new physical ability to be able to caringly protect myself and others with confidence.

Just like all the other quests I have explored in my life, the journey towards self-improvement on a mental and spiritual level was every bit as important to me. I studied intently and committed myself to improvement. This quest quickly became interlinked with my plans for business, which soon took up much of my time.

As my Thai Boxing adventure came to an end, I interest in the power of the pen (business) surged, and used a winning mindset to excel where others may have fallen. Achieving your goals gives you the confidence to conquer newer, more challenging mountains!

I studied all aspects of business management, including sales, marketing, advertising, branding, copywriting, manufacture efficiency, customer service, negotiation, marketing, economics, philosophy, NLP, delegation, psychology, time management, productivity, personal development and much much more. I was thirsty for knowledge. I worked and studied long hours to improve both my abilities and my mindset. All through this time, I knew that I wanted to become a business leader. I had always worked hard to be a fantastic employee, and now I felt it was time to seek success on my own merits.

In 2005 I co-founded a new company. I became a business owner with Sales/Marketing responsibilities. Overnight I went from one side of the desk to the other. An employee to a boss. I was a business leader. I felt my networking, hard work, vision and desire to grow as a person had placed me a successful path – one that I had proudly forged for myself. I doubled the company’s turnover within 2 years. I increased the client base to one of extreme prestige, working with some of the world’s biggest and best-known companies and brands. The number of staff tripled. The product range quadrupled. I took us into new markets and my entrepreneurial spirit grew strong. I became an innovator and had the energy, the contacts and business acumen to realise new opportunities. I pioneered new products into new markets and trained myself to spot potential future opportunities. I assembled a team of talent.

As business partners left, I was in a position to buy their company shares and soon became the owner of the company. I spent many years in China and Hong Kong learning a new way of business trade and communications and building relationships and friendships with factory owners that would become loyal partners in my business world helping be innovate and grow as a businessman.

In 2011, I took up a new sport – golf. I love the physical and mental detail needed to play this game well; as well as the business opportunities it enhanced.

In 2012 I started long distance running in. I began with 5k runs and advanced from there to10k, half-marathons, marathons and then ultra-marathons, maxing out at a 55 mile endurance run. I found to be a great endurance for the mind, body and soul, as well as another challenge for me to embrace. I succeeded in the Three Peaks Challenge, which allowed me to climb the three highest mountains in the UK within 24 hours as well as enjoying mountain adventure trail-running all around Europe and the US.

It isn’t just sport and business which have helped to make my life so worthwhile. I married Emma, the love of my life in 2012. Our wonderful son joined us in 2014 (which was when all sporting activities came to a grinding halt and I want from an adventure seeking athlete to a sleep deprived father), and our beautiful daughter joined the fray in August 2016.

Also in 2016 joined the management team of Live Beacon Ltd – I company that specialises in innovative Bluetooth iBeacon technology used for marketing.

In 2017 I started Prestige Watches – spreading “watch happiness” with my passion for luxury watches. Buying, Selling and Consulting.

In 2019, Handi Technologies became a new business interest of mine, a company that designs personal safety technology.

In 2022 I became a brand advocate for eBay, helping with new business development and also began my running coaching journey working with juniors at middle and long distance.

Today I can be found enjoying my passions for spending time with my family, business, running (trail and track) and indulging my thirst for boxing, watch collecting and photography and content creation.

I am far from where I want to be in life with many more life adventures and business opportunities still to explore, and I believe in setting goals and streamlining to get where I want to be.

I approach each day as something which I can master, using every hour to the best of my ability. I have a real passion for leading, motivating, inspiring, innovating.  Succeeding in business and helping others has become my new sport.

I have a deeply rooted passion for business, sales, marketing, branding, copywriting, storytelling, business development, running, health fitness, personal development and coaching.

Tactics, strategies, overcoming mistakes. growing teams, growing a business. Dedication to self-employment. Motivation.

All of these things will get you far, and enable you to see beyond the immediate obstacles to a brighter future.


“No Pain, No Gain”

Physical and mental discomfort is needed

during your journey of improvement.

I’d love to hear from you.  Get in touch…

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